Canadian Arcott Sheep

The Canadian Arcott breed was developed in the 1970s in Ottawa to address a need for Canadian sheep producers: sheep that work in Canada. A composite breed derived from a breeding program that included 11 other breeds, Canadians are designed to produce premier quality lamb from easy keeping ewes under all Canadian conditions.

Canadian Arcotts have since gained popularity across the country in a variety of management styles, in confinement or on grass. The breed is suited to accelerated lambing programs with a moderate ability to breed out-of-season. Lambs are quick to the new-crop market and boast respectable gain rates in the feedlot, with a youthful appearance all the way. Most importantly, Canadian Arcotts work on a commercial scale for shepherds across the country.

The Lennox Lambs Story

Lennox Lambs is a second generation sheep farm located at Alsfeldt, Ontario, in the South West corner of Grey County. Kim Lennox began his career as a shepherd in the 1980s in Arthur, ON and eventually moved the business to Alsfeldt with his wife Grace, where they continued in the sheep business and raised 6 children. The flock operated as a large commercial flock and in the early 2000s, Kim started a secondary flock of Canadian Arcotts. It didn't take long to see the advantage of Canadian Arcotts, so the commercial flock was phased out and the purebred flock ramped up. A continued tradition of raising top quality lambs led to sales in breeding stock that continues today.

In 2018, Jay purchased the flock from Kim and Grace and operated a growing sheep business while working locally as an agronomist. Today, Lennox Lambs balances pasture management and modern feeding technology to produce quality lamb and stock year round. Through rigorous selection criteria, we focus on ewes that pull their weight in producing a consistent quality product. We invite you to send an email, or give us a call to learn more!

Ewes that work!

Canadian Arcott ewes aren't the most prolific ewes in the country, but you can rely on them to wean consistent top end lambs every lambing. You can count on 180% prolificacy out of these ewes and there is no doubt they can improve that in the accelerated system.

Ewe lambs are available year round, in large groups or small. Give us a call today to discuss how a package of Lennox Lambs ewe lambs can move your flock in the right direction this year!

Lennox Lambs Rams

Lennox Lambs has been supplying rams to Canadian sheep producers for more than 20 years. Canadian Arcott rams continue to sire top end lambs that fit the full spectrum of the lamb market.

Rams that get your ewes bred is the Lennox Lambs guarantee!

Yearling rams and ram lambs are available for purchase today.

Please enquire for pricing and delivery options.

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